If you have a web and want to have your backlinks in this blog, please post in this very blog post..
I will be more than happy to place your website link in our friend list, the only requirement is that you too place
a backlinks of this blog in your website or blog…

That way we help each other getting more traffic to our respective websites… as of now http://vcomputadoras.com has a Google PR of 3 so if your place your link here it will greatly help you in your website…

To have your website link placed here please , backlink my blog using this html code.

<a href="http://vcomputadoras.com" title="Guias, integraciones y mas." alt="computadoras, programación, integraciones">Guías, integraciones y mas.</a>

If you want me to place a link with html code please post your markup using the [ php ] [ /php ] tags without the spaces..

thanks UTAN

backlinks to vcomputadoras.com

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